Five Best Tourist Attractions To Explore In Weston Super Mare For An Amazing Short Sea-Side Trip!

Weston Super Mare is one of those prominent seaside resorts of U.K. that has been attracting millions of tourists from years. Weston has plenty of tourist attractions from its lovely beaches to hilly locations and tons of theatres, museums, and entertainment zones to cherish for. Therefore let’s have a look at 5 top tourist attractions of Weston, that are a must visit.

1. The Grand Pier

It is the prime attraction of Weston Super Mare and lies in the northern part f Somerset County on the Bristol Channel. It is a complete seaside fun zone lined with restaurants, cafes, plenty of thrilling amusement rides, ghost trains, 300-meter adventurous go-cart circuit covering eight thrilling areas, Arcade game zones, theme parks, Museums, and hosts plenty of events to cherish for. It also famous for hosting grand celebrations like Oktoberfest, Comedy club evenings, themed dinner parties, Marine Parades, and many more interesting events.

2. The Helicopter Museum

It is a grand museum housing 80+ exhibits of helicopters and gyrocopters from various parts of the world. You can get to observe all kinds of helicopters here starting from the one belonging to the late 50s to the commercial ones, armed fliers and even the prototypes of the ones built independently.
The museum consists of film theatre, interactive zones, and even Open cockpit days when visitors can sit inside the helicopter and learn about its operating controls from the knowledgeable guides.

3. Mendip Hills

It is an amazing destination located to the southern part of Bristol and stretches from Weston in the eastern part to Frome in the west. It is a group limestone hill adhering to spectacular views of the Somerset coastal areas in the southern part and the mesmerizing chew valley with tributaries of the English Avon River in the northern part. It houses a variety of wildlife species and is remarkable for its intense bewitching beauty. Moving to the southern part, you can find the Cheddar Gorge, which is the biggest gorge of Britain, gushing all the way through the hills portraying a captivating scenic view. You can also visit various ancient monuments here located on the hilltops.

4. Sea Aquarium

It is an amazing sea-facing aquarium in Weston that was established in the year 1995. The beachy aquarium consists of an underwater tunnel containing an exclusive collection of numerous marine species across the world. Visitors can gaze at the beautiful creatures swimming gracefully underwater and barely monitor them being feed. Sharks, octopuses, various kinds of fishes to stingrays, the aquarium allow you a glance of all species. There is, also a special open ray zone that allows visitors to watch these marine species from close proximity. The destination is an ultimate source of joy and adventure.

5. Weston Museum

Situated in Burlington Street, the museum takes you through the history of Weston and its evolution from the ancient era to modern times. It highlights various ancient exhibits starting from the Iron Age hill fort to the history of seaside Ares, lifestyle, domestic life and costumes of the ancient times.

There are dedicated sections like Ancient living landscapes, Tides of Change, Beside the Sea, Willian Marble Gallery, Seascape Area, Cafe Artworks, and Clara’s cottage having several exhibits and uncovered stories behind each of them to let the visitors retain a certain view of Weston’s history.

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