Customer Reviews Exeter Callum Crawford

“The reason I chose Kelvin White Driving School was because of the high pass rate.

I was looking for a good driving experience along with satisfaction with my Driving Instructor. Learning to drive proved to be more difficult than I had expected but my Driving Instructor Mike Harwood had very good teaching methods and I found doing things like the mock test on my own really helped me. I will be recommending the school to others as the teaching was excellent and Mike is a reliable instructor.”

Callum Crawford, Exeter 

Customer Reviews Exeter Nelly Bekus

“I really liked the 10 hour package deal that Kelvin White Driving School offered.

Also the possibility to adjust lesson timings to my schedule was a big factor in my decision. Having previously driven I just had to pass my test in the UK so having looked at my driving, my Driving Instructor Mike Harwood understood exactly what I needed to brush up and perfect. Mike co-operated very well with me. I achieved my goal that I set out from the beginning and am very happy with the service I received.”

Nelly Bekus, Exeter 

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Customer Feedback When Asked Why They Chose Kelvin White Driving School

Top 10 Reasons. (From 532 Reviews.)

  • High 1st Time Pass Rate
  • Unique Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Local Customer Reviews
  • Local Recommendations
  • Local Reputation
  • Quality of Teaching
  • Patience of Instructors
  • Friendliness of Instructors
  • Local Company
  • Feeling comfortable and at ease

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Customer services

Sandra and Andy are our customer services team who will be delighted to discuss your requirements and match your availability to one of our Exeter instructors.

Customer services are open Monday – Friday from 9am – 6pm.

For inquiries outside hours, please leave a message or Email

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The Main Reason I chose Kelvin White Driving School

Customer Reviews Exeter Will Roberts

“The most important criteria for me when choosing a Driving School was that I could get hold of my licence to gain my freedom sooner rather than later.

Learning to drive was pretty much as I expected it to be. My Driving Instructor Mike Harwood had teaching methods that were easy to understand. I found the pricing to be fair and a good level of instruction.”

William Roberts, Exeter.

Customer Reviews Exeter Dan Cosgrove

“Important criteria for me when choosing who to learn with was that I would be allocated a good Instructor who could communicate ideas to me effectively.

I found learning to drive to be far more relaxing than I thought it would be, due to my Driving Instructor Mike Harwood’s teaching methods. Mike was very thorough and I will be recommending him and the School to others.”

Dan Cosgrove, Exeter.


“The main reason for choosing Kelvin White Driving School was because of the positive feedback I saw the school had received.
I found that I learnt much quicker than I had expected to.
My driving instructor Mike Harwood had exceedingly effective teaching methods that were perfect or me! Mike was always happy to let me try new things and push myself. I never felt held back in any way, but equally I was never pushed to do things I didn’t want to.
Mike really let me choose what I felt I needed in each lesson which benefited me greatly! I always felt I was in a safe environment and would highly recommend Kelvin White Driving School to anyone looking for a friendly and professional driving instructor with an excellent sense of humour!
Thank you for everything Mike. it’s been a thoroughly rewarding six months!!”
Holly Sagar, Exeter

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Kelvin White Driving School Core Focus:

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Driving School Exeter | Top Rated Customer Reviews

  • Male and Female instructors offering the best rated, trusted and recommended tuition and driving lessons in Exeter Devon

  • Manual and Automatic teachers providing affordable packages and bundles for beginners and refresher sessions

  • Many students search for an instructor on a near me basis but we pick up and drop off in the local area so we don’t have to be the nearest

  • Which tutor do you choose, when some instructors are cheap and lack reviews?

  • Find the top tutor and good companies in the location that offer low student deals on motor car classes and provide advice for nervous learners

  • It’s often a big mistake to choose schools who are the cheapest and buy on price alone and may cost more to learn in the long run

  • Private instruction is available for women with our registered lady instructor and block booking is a firm favourite.

  • We are nearby for new drivers and rated no 1 by our customers which is great news

When choosing a driving instructor, many customers make the common but inaccurate assumption that all driving instructors are basically the same. These customers may base their decisions on criteria such as convenience of location and price. However, there is a lot more to it than that. Don’t fall into the trap of trying to make the ‘easiest’ choice – you deserve the very best in driving tuition, so should search for reliable instructors with great feedback from their previous students.

Location doesn’t really matter, as long as the instructor covers your area. You shouldn’t opt for the driving school that is closest in proximity purely based on that factor alone. The reality is that the majority of instructors will provide a ‘pick up’ and ‘drop off’ service, so how nearby they are doesn’t actually make a difference, and you could be limiting your options. It is best to shop around and research a number of local driving lesson providers in detail. Look at websites, reviews, experience and qualifications.

Pupil recommendations are always worth examining in detail. Why exactly do they recommend this instructor? Is there a particular reason that stands out, and does it resonate with you as a prospective customer?

Seasoned driving schools have had time to develop and perfect their teaching techniques, and most of the time experience is an important deciding factor. Kelvin White Driving School have been in operation since 2001, giving them over 17 years of experience. There is a reason that Kelvin White Driving School has a fantastic reputation surrounding it, and in the Exeter area you’d be hard-pressed to find a driving school that is as highly recommended for new drivers.

Kelvin White Driving School offer flexible courses that you can tailor to your individual needs. You can opt for a female instructor if you are more comfortable with this, there are a wide range of affordable automatic and manual training packages, deals for beginners, familiarisation for non-English speakers, and more. You don’t have to be a new driver to benefit from driving lessons – they also offer refresher courses for licence holders that just want to work on their skills.

Indeed, whether it is your own money that will be invested in your driving tuition, or your parents’ money, you don’t want to be throwing it down the drain. You want to ensure that you are investing in a high quality product. Whether you choose Kelvin White Driving School or another option, we wish you the best of luck in obtaining your licence.

Just a few examples from over 500 reviews of reasons given by learner students for recommending their instructor:

“The main reason for choosing Kelvin White Driving School was seeing all the positive customer reviews the school had received! Also, the pass rate success was a big factor.

 “I chose Kelvin White Driving School because of their good pass rate and friendly driving instructors.

 “The main reason for choosing Kelvin White Driving School is because I wanted a local school to me who had great reviews and feedback! It was also important to choose a school that would not be wasting my time or messing me about.

 “It was really important that I would have a driving instructor that I felt comfortable with. I received many recommendations from friends about Kelvin White Driving School and also saw their good pass rates!

 “I chose Kelvin White Driving School because I wanted a driving school with a good reputation that also had a high pass rate. I also wanted a school that could accommodate my work commitments which the school could do as they have flexible instructors.

 “I chose Kelvin White Driving School as I was impressed with their high pass rates from practical tests at the first attempt! They also had competitive prices and friendly instructors.

Kelvin White Driving School have been able to build a very reputable reputation for driving lessons in Exeter by providing customer centred lessons with a strong mission statement of customer success. They rely enormously on recommendations to keep their team of local instructors busy and are extremely grateful to their customers for the reviews they provide.

Should you wish to check out the individual driving instructors and read what their customers have to say about them, then please visit the “Meet the Team in Exeter” page.

I would like to wish you every success in your quest to obtain your full driving licence whether you choose Kelvin White Driving School as your training provider or one of our competitors.

The Exeter Area and Description.

Exeter is a cathedral city in Devon with a current population of approximately 129,000.The City is the county town of Devon and the home of Devon county council.

Established on the eastern bank of the river Exe and at the mouth of the river Creedy, Exeter enjoys a relatively mild climate like most of the West Country with wet winters and changeable summers. The 11th century cathedral, which a major landmark is cited on a ridge and makes it visible for from many miles.

The city enjoyed extensive rebuilding after the second world war and is now considered a modern business centre with tourism a major factor in Devon.

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