Bridgwater is one place which tends to work out interesting any time of the year as there is always n event of some kind at one time that can keep you occupied.

Besides the various sightseeing places you can find things which interest you here. We list some of the upcoming events and you can then plan your trip accordingly.

* Photography Workshop:

In the month of January 2018, Liam, a qualified secondary teacher in Geography and a photography enthusiast holds a photography workshop. You get a hang of using your camera in the right manner and also learn the different tricks involved in photography. You learn the using of Adobe and Light room and using the camera in a Manual Mode. You get all the time you want with Liam as this is one-to-one course.

*Business through Social Media:

The BIRTS project specifically supports the retailers of Bridgwater and thus organises this workshop on business through social media. This training offered here is free ad thus works apt for all types of businesses. By the end of this workshop you have a clear model of engaging your existing customers.

*Basic Child Protection:

Spark offers a half day training providing a basic overview that family needs for responsibilities of child protection and safeguarding. Those who participate get a clear understanding of the legislation currently for safeguarding of children and the linking of the history of child protection. Once you attend this course you can

*Get a clear understanding of the different categories of abuse

*Understanding of the responsibilities for safeguarding.

*Respond to evidence or even a concern that a child has been abused.

*Consider practices for the safe guarding.

Events at Bridgwater and Taunton:

  1. The Wizard of Oz:

Welcome Christmas with the magical family storming into town of Bridgwater. Dorothy and Tot, her canine companion is taken to the ‘Land of Oz’, looking for the ‘wizard of Oz’. You have some of the students of Bridgwater & Taunton performing along with an international cast.

  1. Chard Antiques:

Presented by the Chard Council, you have this indoor market of antiques which has been running for a long period of time. This market is held at the Guildhall in Chard every morning on Thursdays. This started way back in 1967 as the Antiques Fair and has evolved with the passing of time to include collectibles, antiques and also vintage items for sale.

Taunton’s Farmer Market:

For all those who love the look and taste of fresh fruits and vegetables, the farmer’s market is the ideal place. You have fruits and vegetables which are ‘just picked’. Besides this you also have fresh fish, organic eggs and meat. You have an opportunity to taste the local bread which is hand-made, cakes, chutneys, cheese and preserves. The local farmers are glad to share the information on the growth of these vegetables with their customers. This is the ‘authentic’ feel of Bridgwater. You contribute to the local economy when you purchase from this farmer’s market.

All the above and more make Bridgwater an interesting place to visit.

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