Fun-Filled and Fantastic Events to Celebrate Apple Day in and around Wellington, Somerset

There is literally something amazing about apple orchards. There is nothing more awesome than strolling through trees with chirping birds and ripening fruits and dappled lights, and most importantly, the feeling of good things to come.

Autumn comes with the charm of English apples, a blend of sunshine and affection of blue skies and gentle rain. Store apples throughout the winter and bite one to feel the hazy and sweet days which played a vital role in its production.

Crab apples are possibly the original native apple which spread through Europe and the Middle East. Whether for juice, cider, and fruit, apples should be relished as they give so much to us. Traditionally, the Apple Day is celebrated every year in October and county events are held all around the town to relive the richness of the season. Here are few of the most celebrated events –

North Perrott Fruit Farms Weekend

The grandfather of present owner planted the first orchards over here in 1929. Since 1740, the farm has been owned by the same family. They established the Apple Weekend 47 years ago, a forerunner for many events happened these days. During the whole weekend, the event is celebrated and there is huge opportunity to sample over 40 varieties of pears and apples.

Around 30 varieties of apple juice from fruits that are grown over there are offered in the farm to taste and buy. Don’t miss the art exhibition held by the talented artists and a rally of vintage tractors with trailer rides across the farm. They may even give the demonstration of ploughing.

Porlock Apple Press & Rural Crafts Festival

It is a very old traditional community event in appley theme running across the Exmoor village. Here, several businesses and local shops join in to celebrate. Around 700 people joined the event last year. It upholds and exhibits the historic art of pressing apples, harking back to the moment when laborers got cider as part of the wages.

The event has “Somerset Pattern” apple press which is restored and dates back from 1862. There is no lack of activities available, including corn dollies, woodland crafts, weaving and spinning along with exhibitions of vintage machines.

Charlton Orchards Apple Day

The family-run Charlton Orchards was founded in the year 1947 and they grow up to 35 varieties of apples. They grow different types of other fruits, such as damsons, plums, pears, squash, and pumpkins, along with kitchen garden plants so you can grow your own.

The natural apple juice they produce is very delicious and is coarse-filtered to have the fresh taste. It celebrates the harvest on a fruit farm with apple identification and displays, trailer and tractor rides, apple-themed competitions, games and refreshments.

Barrington Court Apple Days

In the annual calendar of Barrington Court, it is such a big event which is exhibits all things you can do with apples. It has around 70 apple varieties, a blend of cider and apples are grown in orchards surrounding the mini wheelbarrows and gardens where kids can collect apples.

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