A trip to Bridgwater with family and kids is as much fun as travelling with friends.

There are unlimited options in sightseeing, shopping and generally having a feel of this beautiful place. You can visit the different restaurants to get a taste of the local cuisine or just be on your toes, getting drowned in the beautiful sights here. Travelling is one way to stay healthy in mind and body. You get a broader view of life and can handle this in a better manner.

  1. Middlemoor Water Park:

This Middlemoor water park offers you every type of training to get you started off on water skiing, Jet Ski, wakeboard or karting. Mastering the art of wake boarding or water skiing you can opt for the buoy salaam course. The kids can enjoy the different speed boat rides or the novelty rides available here. The safety equipment and the wet suits required are provided here free of cost.

The Jet Ski Options can be single seater or double and the triple seaters. If you are confident with this you can get your kids to accompany you.

The mother and kids could opt for the indoor option where you have the warm pool for swimming.

  1. Apex Leisure and Wildlife Park:

There are different sections to this Apex Leisure and Wildlife Park which includes a skate park and also fishing. The most popular here are the bird watching besides the fishing.

  1. AMF Hollywood Bowl Taunton:

For that dose of indoor entertainment, the AMF Hollywood Bowl Taunton is ideal, not only for adults but also for the children. The kids have the freedom to use the rolling ramps and the gutter guards and the light balls and compete with their parents. Bowling is considered as an equaliser where most of the adults are not good at ad the kids are happy as they get to use the gutter guards and ball ramps. This bowling works well as a family tournament as the children get a chance to beat the adults, which is rarely possible.

  1. AJ’s Play and Party Centre:

Another indoor entertainment which can entertain and excite the kids who are less than three years old is this centre. This play centre has a big play frame which is apt for the four year old or more. To add to the temptation you have a car park and free Wi-Fi. The children aged 4 years have a lot to do with speed slides, astra, and spiral, air cannons besides other features for climbing over, crawling under and more.

  1. Hunt Fun Taunton:

Enjoy the outdoors with the hunt fun Taunton as you have an opportunity to join the hunt for codes and clues on this Hunt fun Taunton trail. This is one way to keep your kids away from the television or their mobiles and have a taste of the outdoors. Explore with the help of the GPS and with the help of a booklet on the trail.

With multiple exciting things to do in Bridgwater, you can be ensures that this is going to be ‘that’ perfect holiday you have been waiting for.

A taste of Bridgwater.

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