Love is in the air!

Chocolates and flowers are expressions of affection and love and setting is perfect. The countryside, the sea, the night and day combines well in this exotic county to give a backdrop which is breathtaking to even the most strong-minded cynic.
With chocolate box cottages that are dotted around the wild flowers and villages of county in the hedgerows, Illminster will definitely be more than just a picture-perfect county for you. It is really very atmospheric. If love is in the air, Somerset is where you can breathe it.

Pulteney Bridge, Bath

The mysterious feelings of love flow literally with the waters of Pulteney Bridge. This bridge is not ordinary. It has been known as ‘world’s most romantic bridge’ and compared with Ponte Vecchio, Florence. You can explore it well from Parade Gardens. This bridge is serenaded well by the crescent weir. It is such an exciting spot to enjoy the wonderful moments.

Grove Park

Grove Park is where lovers can walk through while holding hands. Grove Park is the grounds of Grove Park in the 17th century Grove House, which became the house of Pigott family in the year 1696. The park was their own garden and is covered by the mixed fragrances of trees and flowers. It is no wonder why lovers share beautiful moments in this vivid setting.

River Banwell

In Banwell Rhyne, the tumble down bridge is every photographer’s dream as it spreads over the River Banwell. It has the feeling of romance and peace and it has literally passed the testimony of time. Many lovers have walked across this bridge and even paused to gaze at their reflection in the water. Many of them have threatened playfully to push one another over the edge. Take a look at a calm wrestle over the warm embrace.


Uphill is yet another romantic locale in Weston Mare. Capture the panoramic view at sunset where sea and land meet. When the sea is caressing the sand gently and sun which is bedding down under the horizon, the strands of light shed unique illumination over the dark beach.  It can definitely instill the enduring feel of togetherness.

Shute Shelve Tunnel

It might not look romantic initially, but it’s definitely the Tunnel of Love. It literally makes for the exciting adventure for Valentine’s Day and it can be spotted after the ancient Strawberry Line. Once upon a time, it was the part of railway line around Winscombe. But the closure of it has been delightful for cyclists and walkers.

Severn Estuary

The Severn Estuary is definitely for all and there is a unique atmosphere here alongside Clevedon Pier. The beach beautifully turns into an exciting scene from the Arabian Nights where the prince charming captivates the heart of his princess to start a new life. It might feel romantic when the sun goes down. It turns electrifying and breathtaking.

Avon Canal and Kennet

It is a beautiful canal to laze on the boat as it drifts through the serene waters. Explore the beauty of riverside.

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