“A Driving School that had a good reputation and customer feedback was important for me when choosing.

My Driving Instructor Paul Harrison was very good and made me feel safe. He had very good teaching methods and most importantly was patient with me!

I was very satisfied with my experience and found everything to be really good and would recommend the school to others due to the service I received.”

Karolina Doktor, Ilminster

“I chose to learn to drive with Kelvin White Driving School as I had friends recommendations from their experiences.

I really enjoyed my experience and found my Instructor Nigel Rolls to have good teaching methods and he was very meticulous and made sure I was competent on each manoeuvre before moving on to the next.

I will be recommending the School as they have good instructors that are patient.

Thank You!!!”

Chelsea Gold, Ilminster

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Kelvin White Driving School

Ilminster Area.

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Customer services

Sandra and Andy are our customer services team who will be delighted to discuss your requirements and match your availability to one of our Ilminster instructors.

Customer services are open Monday – Friday from 9am – 6pm.

For inquiries outside hours, please leave a message or Email info@kelvinwhite.email

The Main Reason I chose Kelvin White Driving School

Customer Feedback When Asked Why They Chose Kelvin White Driving School

Top 10 Reasons. (From 532 Reviews.)

  • 82 – High 1st Time Pass Rate
  • 65 – Try Us and See Deal
  • 48 – Customer Reviews
  • 47 – Recommendations
  • 45 – Local Reputation
  • 34 – Quality of Teaching
  • 32 – Patience of Instructors
  • 29 – Friendliness of Instructors
  • 20 – Local Company
  • 14 – Feeling comfortable and at ease


The main reason for choosing Kelvin White Driving School was because of their good reputation. In addition to this they were local and could start lessons at my home or College which was very useful.

My Driving instructor Paul Harrison had very good teaching methods which made things easier to understand.

Paul was a very good instructor of who I will be recommending to others.”

Hannah Farmer, Ilminster

“Kelvin White Driving School has a very good pass rate and also 1st time pass rate so that is mainly why I chose to learn to drive with them. In addition to that they have a very good reputation!

I found learning to drive fairly straight forward largely due to my Driving Instructor Nigel Rolls’ having clear, straightforward and effective methods of teaching that did not leave me feeling overwhelmed.

I will be recommending the School to others as they are a very reputable Driving School.

Sam Gooch, Ilminster

Customer Feedback When Asked Why They Chose Kelvin White Driving School

Top 10 Reasons. (From 532 Reviews.)

  • 82 – High 1st Time Pass Rate
  • 65 – Try Us and See Deal
  • 48 – Customer Reviews
  • 47 – Recommendations
  • 45 – Local Reputation
  • 34 – Quality of Teaching
  • 32 – Patience of Instructors
  • 29 – Friendliness of Instructors
  • 20 – Local Company
  • 14 – Feeling comfortable and at ease

Driving School Ilminster | Top Rated Customer Reviews

  • Male and Female instructors offering the best rated, trusted and recommended tuition in Somerset

  • Manual and Automatic teachers providing affordable packages and bundles for beginners and refresher sessions

  • Many students search for an instructor on a near me basis but we pick up and drop off in the local area so we don’t have to be the nearest

  • Which tutor do you choose, when some instructors are cheap and lack reviews?

  • Find the top tutor and good companies in the location that offer low student deals on motor car classes and provide advice for nervous learners

  • It’s often a big mistake to choose schools who are the cheapest and buy on price alone and may cost more to learn in the long run

  • Private instruction is available for women with our registered lady instructor and block booking is a firm favourite.

  • We are nearby for new drivers and rated no 1 by our customers which is great news

Kelvin White Driving School is a well-respected name when it comes to driving schools in the Ilminster area. Most of their students come from extremely positive word-of-mouth recommendations, which keeps their driving instructors very busy. They have been established since 2001, and have maintained their stop as the top choice of driving school in Ilminster for quite some time.

You want previous pupils to be commending their driving instructor in their feedback, and identifying specific reasons they found the lessons so beneficial. For instance, one popular aspect of the tuition given with Kelvin White Driving School is that it is client-centred. Progression through the course is based completely on the individual student, and you’ll never find yourself being pressured to perform a maneuver you aren’t comfortable with.

When you’re searching for a driving school, recommendations can’t be ignored. Kelvin White Driving School’s website has reviews for each individual instructor on the ‘Meet the Team’ page, as well as a short biography, so you can see exactly what makes each of them so great. Quality is so important when it comes to driving lessons. Unfortunately, it seems to be underestimated, with trends pointing towards people choosing the closest, most convenient and cheapest driving schools on the market.

Distance isn’t an issue, as long as the driving schools includes coverage of your area. It doesn’t matter if they are 1 mile away or 3 miles away, because the vast majority will offer pick up and drop offs at your home for no additional charge. It may be counterintuitive (surely proximity is desirable?), but forget about how far away they are for now.

Low prices can be seductive, especially when they are too good to be true, but you should carefully consider the standard of tuition you’ll be receiving. This is where the past students’ reviews are crucial. You might think you are saving a pretty penny with the affordable driving school you have found, but the trade-off could be that you need double the amount of lessons to obtain your driving licence when compared to a pricier but more experienced driving school. You may end up spending just as much, if not more!

Luckily, Kelvin White Driving School manages to offer a range of packages, discounts and deals, without sacrificing quality. There are different reasonably-priced manual and automatic lesson packages, deals for beginners, bookings made in blocks, and for foreign customers there are familiarisation programmes on offer. Even licence holders who want to refresh their skills have something to gain.

Where to go from here? The best way to proceed is to shop around, visit lots of different websites, read lots of different reviews. Kelvin White Driving School prides itself on having the top tutors in the area, and the syllabus is led by the student. There is a reason they are so highly recommended, which keeps each of their qualified, CRB-checked and registered instructors busy.

Don’t be discouraged by the amount of variables involved in choosing a driving school. Do your research thoroughly, and whether you pick Kelvin White Driving School or go with a competitor, we wish you all the success for the future.


Just a few examples from over 500 reviews of reasons given by learner students for recommending their instructor:

The most important criteria for me when choosing a Driving School was the quality of lessons that I would receive. My brother also used Kelvin White Driving School.”

” I felt very prepared for my test and went into it with a great deal of confidence due to my tuition.”

“I chose Kelvin White Driving School as I was impressed with their high pass rates from practical tests at the first attempt! They also had competitive prices and friendly instructors.”

“The School being recommended to me was the most important criteria when researching who to learn with. My Driving Instructor Paul Harrison was excellent.”

“It was really important that I would have a driving instructor that I felt comfortable with. I received many recommendations from friends about Kelvin White Driving School and also saw their good pass rates!”

“I chose Kelvin White Driving School because I wanted a driving school with a good reputation that also had a high pass rate. I also wanted a school that could accommodate my work commitments which the school could do as they have flexible instructors.”

Kelvin White Driving School have been able to build a very reputable reputation for driving lessons in Ilminster by providing customer centred lessons with a strong mission statement of customer success. They rely enormously on recommendations to keep their team of local instructors busy and are extremely grateful to their customers for the reviews they provide.

Should you wish to check out the individual driving instructors and read what their customers have to say about them, then please visit the “Meet the Team in Ilminster” page.

I would like to wish you every success in your quest to obtain your full driving licence whether you choose Kelvin White Driving School as your training provider or one of our competitors.

The Ilminster Area and Description.

Ilminster is a small town and civil parish in the countryside of south west Somerset and has a population of 5,808

In November the town celebrates turning on the Christmas lights with a traditional victorian evening.

Ilminster is famous for a battle in 1645 which took place during the English Civil War to take control of the bridges prior to the ‘Battle of Langport’.

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