A Detailed Guide to Rich Cultural Heritage of Wellington

Wellington was a flourishing town in the mid of 19th century with rapidly growing wool business along with agricultural tools, tiles and bricks. Currently, Wellington still has great local industry offering reputation and job opportunities to many.

Fox Brothers Ltd has rich 250 years of legacy in designing finest clothes and keeping up with their craftsmanship and heritage by manufacturing the best cashmere and wool in the world, which they offer to Louis Vuitton and other world-leading fashion designers. Founded in 1876, Swallowfield is yet another name which has been the innovator of world’s best toiletries and cosmetics and their packages. If you use these products, it’s pretty sure that you have some of their offerings. In 1858, Relyon started offering wool and later moved to manufacturing bed. They are now industry leaders thanks to utmost quality of design and craftsmanship.

A grant made around 899 to 909 was the earliest known reference to the small town which was earliest known as “Weolingtun”. There is also a reference of the town in the Domesday Book. According to the book, over 32 serfs, 65 smallholders and 61 farmers worked at West Buckland and Walintone.

Well, there is so much you should know about Wellington.

Wellington Monument

Built to pay celebrate the victory of the Duke of Wellington, Wellington Monument is the most important tourist destination which is visible from different parts of the town. Wellington is also the source of inspiration to give Arthur Wellesley the title “Viscount Wellington of Talavera and Wellington” in 1809 and he later named as the Duke of Wellington and known to have visited the town only in 1819, despite having an estate in the area.

This monument beautifully stands 175 ft. tall and is placed on the highest peak of Blackdown hills, which was Duke’s official land. The construction was started in the year 1817 and finally done in 1892. The Monument gives picture-perfect views from the Vale of Taunton to Exmoor and Bristol Channel.

Wellington Park

A Heritage Lottery grant has allowed the restoration of the award-winning Wellington Park which was originally built in 1903 by the Fox family. It is a prominent and living example of pre-historic Victorian design. A lot of events are organized during the summer months by the Friends of Wellington Park.

Cothay Manor and Gardens

Cothay Manor and Gardens is another hottest favorite destination. Located only a few miles from Wellington, it is spotted at Greenham. It is beautifully spread over 12 acres of lush-green and romantic gardens. This medieval landmark is one of the best historic houses of the nation. The rooms like the Winter Parlour, the Great Hall, the Great Chamber and the Gold Room are enhanced by period fabrics and furniture. It has stained-glass façade, 15th-century wall paintings, and oak paneling dates back to 17th century.

Wellington Museum

The history of Wellingtons is charted from the Domesday Book to present. Along with the Duke of Wellingtons, there are some lesser known stories, including the one who founded the new Look clothes line.

Wellingtons historic monument 

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