Five Most Beautiful Beaches Of Weston Super Mare Ideal For A Relaxing Summer Weekend Trip!

Being the prominent seaside resort of U.K., Weston Super Mare acquires an exclusive collection of beaches with unique scenic views in each location. The following list gives you a glance at the five beach hotspots of Weston perfect for a rejuvenating weekend trip.

1. Weston Super Mare Beach

As the name suggests, it is the main beach of Weston having a typical English Victorian beach outlook. It lies to the southern part of Grand Pier and consists of a tremendous expansive promenade for long beach walks. One of the entertaining attractions in the Weston beach is its exclusive donkey rides. The donkeys here belong to the Weston area only, and they love carrying passengers on their back for an exciting beach tour. In addition, the area is also lined with numerous cafes and restaurants serving delicious food.

2. Uphill Slipway Beach

It is the coastal area of Uphill Village situated to the south end part of Weston Beach. The beach considers a mesmerizing scenic beauty having golden sand beaches surrounded by lush green vegetation. It is an ultimate destination for casual long beach walk up to Weston Sea beach in the northern part and Brean Down to Berrow up to the Burnham-on-sea in the southern part. Visitors can have a great time here playing at the beach, building sand castles, relaxing, while the professional can go for kitesurfing and windsurfing.

3. Sand Bay Beach

It lies at a distance of 2 miles from Weston Super Mare in the northern side and is surrounded by Worlebury Hill in the southern part. The beach has a wild bewitching beauty offering panoramic views of the Bristol Channel. The beach due to its awe-inspiring scenic view makes a great destination for spending leisure time with family on the weekends along with your pets. Be it taking a stroll, sunbathing, playing with your dog or unexpectedly go for an exciting horse riding, Sand Bay beach is perfect for a beach day out.

4. Berrow Beach

It lies exact to Weston Super Mare at a distance of only 9 miles between Brean Down and Burnham-on-Sea. It is two beaches- Berrow South Beach and Berrow North Beach. The southern beach is a limited land flat sandy area with wet mudflats. Visitors can engage in various activities like walking, horse riding, playing with pets, and relaxing in the sand dunes. The northern beach lies within Brean and Burnham-on-Sea. It is also a wet mudflat sandy area popular for angling and fishing. The northern part of the beach leads to Brean down Promontory housing various wildlife species while the southern part leads to the Burnham-on-Sea lighthouse. The beach has lovely views of the sea and the Bristol Channel.

5. Marine Lake Beach

It is a small traditional English beach located closely to Weston Super Mare. The beach is a perfect family destination offering different entertaining activities for the visitors. What connects the Marine beach to the marine lake is the long Kingston pier walkway, which delivers a thrilling experience having two different water bodies pun both sides. The location has an amazing sea view in the backdrop and an appropriate peaceful atmosphere to seek peace in the beauty of nature. On this spot, you can enjoy some fun saltwater bathing during the low tides as the waves do not maintain treacherous currents and there is no risk of sinking sands.

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