Best Things To Do In Weston Super Mare After The Sun-Set For A Happening Fun Night!!

Being the happening seaside resort of U.K., Weston Super Mare offers tourists a range of entertaining activities to do after the sun sets down. The nightlife in Weston super-Mare is dazzling with a range of bars, pubs, theatres, and plenty of luxurious eateries to spend the night away and have a fulltime party. Therefore, let us have a look at the entertaining activities to do at night in Weston Super Mare.

1. Dinner at Sea-facing restaurant

The pleasantest way to spend the night after the lovely sunset in a seaside area is having dinner in a sea-facing restaurant. The most authentic sea-facing restaurant in Weston is the Old Thatched Cottage. The restaurant retains immense historical importance dating back to the era of 1774.
It is an award-winning restaurant in Weston known for mouth-watering Mediterranean cuisines. It gives you a classic English dining experience having cozy interiors and a million-dollar view of the Weston Beachfront. Be it enjoying a charming Valentine’s Day dinner or having a sumptuous Christmas dinner, Old Thatched roof provides you a classic experience of having delicious seafood with drinks gazing at the thundering sea waves.

2. Catch a show at the Weston Theatres.

Do not miss the Playhouse Theatre and Blakehay Theatre while traveling in Weston. The Playhouse Theatre is a 664-seat theatre located in the heart of Weston town renowned for hosting different cultural and entertaining events related to various topics. It has regular shows on comedy, dance, music, films, Children shows, dramas, etc.
Blakehay Theatre is equally another leading theatre in Weston prime area recognized for hosting the most recent movies, music and dance shows, town events, community classes, and many other entertaining activities. Another wonderful choice is Weston Playhouse Theatre, which is a hub of entertaining events, box office movie, and shows. It provides a fascinating experience in the modern world of multiplexes.

3. Dance the night away at Grand Pier.

Grand Pier, which is the prime entertainment zone of Weston Super Mare, turns into a dazzling diva in the nighttime. From prom nights, to live music concerts, eye ogling Firework events at the Sea, Ball nights, Themed dinner events like Comedy, Murder Mystery to live performances by the international musicians, Grand Pier is going to provide you the most happening and exciting night of your life. Apart from these events, there is evening go-carting for families covering adventurous zones in the beachside, traditional funfairs and drink festivals, Grand Pier is unparalleled in partying away the night.

4. Nightclubs and Pubs

Weston has plenty of luxurious nightclubs, lounges, and pubs with heart-thumping music for a groovy night. Among the numerous choices, the best one trending recently in Weston Super Mare is ‘Club Vision’ nightclub. The destination has a dazzling party ambiance with plenty of laser lights, smokes on the huge expansive dancing floor that will literally force your jump on the dance floor.
It has three different zones playing different music under one roof. You can enjoy fun quizzes at the pubs; win cash prizes and dance the night away with delicious food and unlimited alcoholic beverages. You can also check out the other popular pubs like Club Tabu, The Loft, Scallys, Black Cat Micropub, etc.

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