Located in Somerset, England, Bridgwater is a civil parish and a market town with a population of 35, 886 people.

To the west of Bridgwater you have the Quantock Hills and to the North you find the Mendips. This town lies along the sides of the Parrett River, and has been a major trading centre and port which has an industrial base considered as ‘large’. The Bridgwater and Taunton Canal links this to Taunton.

This town has had a tendency which is considered as politically radical. The battle of Sedgemoor was fought close to this town.

Tourists Attractions in Bridgwater:

This place definitely attracts a lot many tourists and rightfully so, as Bridgwater has many places which are not only interesting but totally worth a visit.

  1. Burrow Mumps:

Considered as one of the historic sites, this Burrow Mumps offers a breath taking view of the Somerset Levels from the top. The climb, though short, is steep but can work well for all those seeking some adventure. You can relax at the pub which is located at the bottom on the levels. The church ruins look all the more spectacular when floodlit at night. This climb does not have any steps or handrails; you need to ensure you are fully energised before opting to climb here at Burrow mumps.

  1. The Walled gardens of Cannington:

These gardens are located in the Cannington village, Somerset. These gardens have been considered as the quality attraction for visitors since the time they have been accredited. The walled gardens of Cannington are home to National Plant collection and have classic features like ‘The Blue garden’, herbaceous border, fernery of the Victorian style, Sub-tropical walk and a lot more. Besides this you find the Botanical Glasshouse with sub-tropical, arid and tropical plants. These gardens have Plat Nursery and Gift shop along with a Tea Room. This means the whole family can enjoy a perfect outing here.

  1. The Bridgwater and Taunton Canal:

A canal which is between Bridgwater and Taunton, the Bridgwater and Taunton Canal opened in the year 1827. This canal was used to transport potable water from the year 1962. The canal boats navigating the locks is a ‘must’ see ad this is good for cycling or walking with family as besides the beautiful view you do come across some farm animals. You can say this is an apt place to watch the world go by when you are enjoying the peace and tranquillity offered here at the Bridgwater and Taunton Canal.

  1. Oatley Vineyard:

A visit to this Oatley vineyard offers you an opportunity to taste the different wines and mingle with the warm and loving family here. The white wine here is considered as one of the best available in the south-west. Visiting this vineyard you get information on the different types of grapes and an insight into the lives of the family residing here.

Besides these places mentioned, you have a number of interesting places which you need to visit when in Bridgwater. A lively town with an interesting history, Bridgwater works apt for a holiday.

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