Sports are important for the people of Bridgwater and you have multiple places catering to this in different ways and means.

As we know, sports are not only for fitness but are essential as there are different competitions held around. You find multiple sports facilities across the different centres of the Cannington, Bridgwater and Taunton by the Bridgwater Taunton College. We list some of these.

Bridgwater Centre:

The Bridgwater centre has a floodlit; all weather artificial turf pitch of full size, a sprung-floored sports hall, grass pitches which are well kept and a modern gym.

The state-of-the-art gym is also the fitness Zone which has resistance equipment for cardio and resistance, weight resistance machines, and also free weights. This is utilized by the students of Sports and Public Services for free.

The Bridgwater Centre also has a sports hall of four-courts which is suitable for netball, badminton, basketball, 5 –a- side ball and volley ball.

Taunton Centre:

The sports hall here at the Taunton Centre has a 18m x 36 m facility and all the amenities required. You have the changing rooms, viewing balcony bespoke classrooms which are IT equipped and separate toilets. These are available for hire.

The Sports has has a sprung floor in wood with the required heating and lighting and is ideal for badminton, basketball, archery, indoor tennis, hockey, futsal, netball and volleyball.

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Cannington Centre:

At the Cannington Centre you have driving range, golf course of 18 tee, Cannington Activity Centre and Equestrian Centre.

Bridgwater YMCA:

The Bridgwater YMCA offers a wide range of outdoor and indoor activities.

  1. Archery:

The archery sessions here offer you an opportunity to develop control, precision and dexterity. The target ranges for the archery are adjusted according to the different age groups. With this session being held indoors, the weather conditions do not matter.

  1. Canadian Canoeing:

For all those who love spending time in the water, the Canadian canoeing is a ‘must’. The sessions include paddling techniques with fun and games. This works out an apt choice for all those who are new to the paddle sports and also for those who prefer the open boat stability.

  1. Kayaking:

Kayaking can be considered by those who love water challenges. Besides the different paddling techniques learnt you can enjoy the challenges and the fun and games.

  1. Caving:

This activity of caving offers an opportunity to all those future explorers for navigating around tunnels in a network. This activity is carried out in the artificial caves in Bridgwater.

  1. Mud Bugging racing:

Mud Bugging Racing is one sure way to get the adrenaline racing. This is not only fun but also works out safe for those who enjoy speed. There is a race track which is grassed where you will be wheel spinning and skidding and cruising around, harnessed low on a mud buggy.

With the multiple sports offered here in Bridgwater can get anyone’s blood rushing.

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