Mike Harwood Exeter Driving Instructor

“Clear instructions was a must for me.

It was also important the instructor would be patient.

Learning to drive was a surprise to experience so many poor drivers!

Justin had clear and comprehensible teaching methods.

Justin was well organised and I will be recommending to others.”

Paul Gaskell, Taunton.

“I chose Kelvin White Driving School because I wanted a quality instructor that was highly recommended by friends.

Kelvin White is one of the famous driving schools in Taunton!

Learning to drive was very much different from expected.

The whole format of learning and test was totally different from what I learnt in Malaysia.

Justin was straight to the point, friendly and very calm. He always checked on understanding and compare the outcome with previous lessons.

I will be recommending to others because I’ve gained a very good experience from start to finish with Kelvin White driving school.”

Vikneswaren Manoharen, Taunton.

A few Words From A Small Selection of Justin’s Students.

“I chose Kelvin White Driving School because I wanted an experienced and friendly instructor.

The way they teach lessons was also a factor.

I got more tout of learning to drive than expected.

Justin had excellent teaching methods!

Sure I will recommend to my friends and relatives.

I was happy with the facilities provided.”

Vimal Prasanth, Taunton.

“To have an instructor that was calm, patient and understanding was important for me. Also friendly, good sense of humour and reliable

Justin made my experience positive from the start, he was calm, patient and understanding and took the time to explain things I didn’t understand and made every lesson enjoyable.

Justin was positive and easy to understand, broke down Instructions step by step to make it easy to understand

I would recommend Justin as he made every lesson enjoyable, and broke down instructions step by step so it was easy for me to understand and learn. Justin was calm, patient and had a good sense of humour and made every lesson enjoyable.”

Charlotte O’Neill, Taunton.