Driving Lessons:

Not all Driving Lessons are equal and they will differ greatly in the way they are delivered and the amount of benefit you will gain from them.

Many people search for the cheapest Driving Lessons only to find the “hidden” cost of cheap when comparing the amount of lessons required to those that seek the “best” lessons. Many students wrongly assume that all Driving Lessons are the same and choose solely on price. Here at Kelvin White Driving School, we are amazed at how many times the first question we are asked revolves around Driving Lesson prices instead of the learning experience that can be expected. Students or parents rarely inquire as to whether their allocated Instructor is even qualified or still a trainee!

hidden-cost-of-cheap-driving lessons

hidden-cost-of-cheap-driving lessons

We receive approximately 4-5 calls each week from students that are looking to transfer driving instructors or Driving Schools for a variety of reasons and I find this a sad reflection on the industry where around 30% of learner drivers change their driving instructors before reaching their practical driving test.

How to evaluate whether you are getting the most benefit from a driving lesson:

Driving Lessons should always begin with an interactive discussion to establish your state of learning and explore any issues that may influence the driving session. Following this would be a discussion as to what topics you would like to cover and use of Q & A to establish your theory knowledge of the subject to be covered. A risk plan would then be devised as to who is going to take responsibility for what actions: For example – is the instructor going to talk you through the entire topic or are you going to share the responsibility for your actions and have the instructor coach you with well guided questions. It extremely important to understand this aspect to avoid over or under instruction. After a short period of practice, a brief stop to evaluate what has been learnt before deciding on the next phase of the lesson.it could be you both agree that further practice would be beneficial or perhaps the plan would be to move to the next stage and attempt a spell of independent driving.

It is vital that you are always involved in the planning process to gain the maximum benefit from your driving lesson.

Not all driving instructors are adapting this type of client centred learning as many are yet to take the up-to-date training required and this is often reflected in the price they will charge for their Driving lessons.

if you find that its normal procedure during your lessons to simply drive around for one to two hours with no clear objective of what you are trying to achieve, then you are probably wasting both your money and time. All driving lessons should have a clear objective that can be matched at the end of the lesson and you should be able to clearly identify whether you reached that objective and if not, what the reasons were and how you are going to overcome any obstacles.

Sandra and Andy are our customer services staff are very keen to explore your circumstances and will discuss your availability to take regular Driving Lessons as continuity is crucial to speed up your learning process. They will also discuss any previous experience that you may have or whether you are a complete beginner in order to suggest a driving course to meet with your circumstances. You may prefer a female Driving Instructor or a male, you may prefer a young Instructor or one with years of experience.

We find that many students that call have already been to our “Meet the Team” page to choose an Instructor based on what they look like! Or their individual customer reviews.

You may wish to check out our article on private practice.

Kelvin White Driving School has been providing local driving lessons in Somerset since 2001 and currently operate in the following towns:

Bridgwater, Taunton, Wellington, Ilminster, Tiverton, Dulverton, Minehead,  Exeter , Somerton. Weston Super Mare.

Burnham On Sea.

In summary, I suggest that you perform as much research as possible before making that all important choice of who you will trust with your tuition. More and more people are now turning to customer reviews to get an independent and unbiased view of the services and tuition on offer.

I wish you every success with your Driving and a 1st time pass.

Warm regards,

Kelvin White.





Customer Services Sandra and Andy copy

Customer Services Sandra and Andy copy