Travelling is a ‘sister’ to shopping.

When you travel shopping becomes compulsory for most of us. We choose to shop for local stuff to ensure that our experience of that particular place is authentic. You get a feel of the place and this can be memorable for a life time. Shopping ‘local’ also means you mingle with the local crowd. Most of these locals are warm people and genuinely delighted when tourists show an interest in the local goods. Besides this, you get a glimpse of the local culture, one of the reasons you have visited a specific place. Listed below are some places you can shop from in Taunton.

  1. Taunton’s Farmers Market:

This Taunton’s famer’s market at Taunton High Street is apt for all those food lovers. You have stalls and more stalls packed with different ranges of drinks and food. The cleanliness of not only this street but also the surrounding area makes this place very inviting. You get the taste of the local food of Taunton which is yet fresh and also priced reasonably.

  1. Accessorize:

Located at 28 Fore Street, Taunton, Accessorize works out a one-stop destination for trendy and contemporary finishing touches for any fashion look. They offer impactful and original designed products which are colour-bay such as jewellery, bags, beach and winter wear, shoes and occasional clothes. This is one place for all those conscious about fashion and accessories.

  1. Animal:

This UK lifestyle of action sports started in 1987 by a couple of surfers. They produced the loop watch strap and webbing hook.  Now, Animal offers a wide range of clothing which is inspired by action sports, eyewear, technical outwear, footwear, watches, luggage wetsuits and other accessories.

  1. Bonmarche:

Bonmarche is considered to be one of the largest value retailers for women’s wear in the whole of UK. This is specifically for women above 50. The clothing offered here is of high quality with apt styling, great value and a number of sizes. You have a choice between the casual and formal separates swimwear, nightwear, lingerie and also accessories.

  1. Boots:

Boots in 5 North St, Taunton is one shop which ensures that you look good in your glasses. You have a choice between multiple brands like Nicole Farhi and POLICE. The overall eye service offered here is trying out the different contact lenses and even an eye test.

  1. Claire’s:

Claire’s in Unit 9, Orchard, Taunton, caters to young women, tens and also kids with their wide range in fashion jewellery and different accessories.

  1. Carol Anne:

You can say Carol Anne is a paradise for all those jewellery lovers. You find the works of some of the top designers which includes Linda Macdonald and Kit heath. With the packaging of Carol Anne any piece of jewellery turns into a treasure. This is obviously ideal for gifting

  1. Orchard Shopping Centre:

For a choice in the top rated retailers you need to visit the Orchard Shopping Centre. The shopping here works well for all sorts of budgets be it big or small.

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