Soak Yourself In The Tranquility Of Nature With The Refreshing Nature Parks Of Weston!

Weston Super Mare, apart from being the popular seaside resort of United Kingdom, is also famous among the tourists due to its evergreen nature parks, garden areas, and beautiful open spaces. The following 5 destinations are the prominent nature reserves of Weston, to seek peace form the busy city life.

1. Uphill Local Nature Reserve

It is a refreshing vibrant green natural reserve located in the uphill village in the southern part of Weston Super Mare. The scenic view of the location is very picturesque having gorgeous grassy hills with rare plant species like honewort, autumn lady, green-winged and early purple orchids, goldilocks aster, wild clary and many more. The three prime attractions of this location are the age-old church of St.Nicholas, the ancient quarry, and an observatory on the top of the hill which was actually a stone windmill that got abandoned forever. Visitors can climb up the steep slopes to the uphill also explore its twinning partner Walborough Nature reserve.

2. Grove Park 

This is a municipal park in Weston acquiring excessive historical importance. The park houses the 17th century Grove house, which is a genuinely interesting attraction here. The park retains various scenic views in each part. The northern part is the upland area consisting of wooden steps and paths; the northwestern part is the rock garden including breathtaking scenic pools; the center part has the Grove House; the southern part consists of a gorgeous rose garden while the western part has a war memorial. The destination is very scenic and interesting to explore.

3. Madeira Cove

This is an ultimate relaxation spot away from the beach crowds. It is located close to Grand Pier and offers panoramic views of the coves and the thorough Weston super mare area. It is not a typical green nature reserve but definitely a native beauty, a lovely walking area enclosed with restaurants, cafes all around, and the bewitching views of the sea dotted with rocks. The prime attraction over here is the sunset. The sky during this time is painted with red and golden aura with the sea below presenting a breathtaking scenic view to the destination.

4. Clarence Park

It is a habitual reserve come to the biggest sports area in Weston. The park was dedicated to Weston in the memory of Rebecca Davies’s beloved husband. It has two various zones. The eastern zone is a biodiversity area, while the western zone is a huge cricket match ground. There is equally a vibrant green park in the western area with manicured lawns, colorful flowering beds, numerous kinds of vast and stunted trees along with a fishpond and a beautiful fountain. It is a great family destination to enjoy the beauty of the vast nature reserve.

5. Ellenborough Park

This is another ordinary greenery located in the heart of Weston Super Mare. The western area of the park consists of the greenery housing different plant species like Sand Cat’s tail, Sea fern grass, Cook’s Foot, Red fescue and various kinds of herbs along with expansive grasslands. The rarest plant species of this area are the Red data book, Smooth Rupturewort and Branched Horsetail. The eastern section is a complete play zone dedicated to the children. The park obtains a refreshing ambiance with a pleasant scenic view and acts as a significant source of relaxation.

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