Congratulations to our local students who now have the freedom of the road.

We are delighted that the following learner drivers, who are all from the Taunton area have now completed the learner syllabus and are now proud owners of full driving licences.

Congratulations to Harriett Clements of West Hatch, Taunton who passed her practical driving test on the 3rd of May at her very 1st attempt on a lovely sunny afternoon!

Harriett already has her own car so if the sun keeps shining a trip to the beach might be in order at the weekend!

Harriett has been getting to College on a moped, her Mum will feel much happier now she is able to drive.

Well done Harriett! I’ll look forward to seeing you soon for your motorway lesson.

Best wishes from your driving instructor Jo Woodland and all the team here at Kelvin White Driving School.

Congratulations to Jacob Newman of Curry Rivel, near Taunton on passing his practical driving test on the 8th of May in Taunton.

Jacob is a student at Richard Huish, studying Law and Politics and is big into cricket!

Well done Jacob, will be looking out for your little silver Yaris as you take yourself to College.

Drive safe and all the best from your driving Instructor Des Robertson and all the team here at Kelvin White Driving School.

“I chose Kelvin White Driving School on advice from others and due to their reputation. I also liked the offers they had on the block bookings.

I was a little worried about learning to drive in England as I have been driving on the opposite side of the road in Norway which I am used to. My driving instructor Carolyn Coulter was very supportive and I adapted quickly to the change. Carolyn was very helpful and had good teaching methods.

I will be recommending to others because the price is good and other Norwegian people have said a lot of good things about their instructors. Carolyn was amazing!!”

Ingeborg Vea Olsen, Taunton

“I am a Norwegian exchange student so it was crucial I picked a school and instructor that could teach me in the time frame I would be in England. Driving an automatic car was also a must.

At the start it was difficult to have my head in the right place during lessons and not think about the test day. My driving instructor Phil Murtagh had good teaching methods. Phil talked me through situations during my lessons and also asked me many questions to make me think about what we were doing and what I was learning.

I found it was easy to contact the school and I was able to start lessons relatively quickly!”

Malin Hillestad, Taunton

“The main reason for choosing Kelvin White Driving School was because of their high pass rate.
They also had available lessons that suited my schedule.

I found learning to drive to be much easier once I learnt new methods. My driving instructor Phil Murtagh was very helpful and had good teaching methods that I learnt to trust.

Phil was very calm and positive.”

Frashta Zirak, Taunton

Congratulations to Hafsa Akter for passing her automatic practical driving test at the 1st attempt at the Taunton Driving Test Centre on the 15th of May.

Hafsa helps her husband to run the restaurant that they own in Wedmore and it has been difficult for her to get out and about because she has had to rely on getting a lift everywhere, but things should be easier now that she has gained her licence.

Well done Hafsa, and best wishes from your driving instructor Phil Murtagh and all the team here at Kelvin White Driving School.

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