Congratulations to our local students who now have the freedom of the road.

We are delighted that the following learner drivers, who are all from the Taunton area have now completed the learner syllabus and are now proud owners of full driving licences.

Congratulations to Sam Moore of Taunton who passed his practical driving test on the 25th of October with just 1 minor fault!!

Sam has his own car and works with vulnerable adults and will be moving closer to his place of work soon.

Best wishes from your driving instructor Paul Harrison and all the team here at Kelvin White Driving School.

“I wanted a driving instructor who could have a laugh but also be serious as well. It was also important that they would be patient and let me talk to them.

I found my learning experience gave me better knowledge and improved my coordination. My driving instructor Phil Murtagh had very helpful teaching methods and made me the driver I am today!

I will be recommending the school to others because it will make other learners learn these techniques they wouldn’t know.”

Rory Nicols, Taunton

“I chose Kelvin White Driving School because I wanted a recognised driving school which was well established. I had seen Kelvin White cars around and so was reassured that they were a large school and not a one trick pony and were popular. I also wanted to choose a school that was a local company and not one of the nationals.

The school’s prices were good and soon became clear that it was good value for money. My driving instructor Tracy Beviss was lovely and we got on really well. It was relaxed but informative. I wasn’t as experienced as I thought I was and needed a lot of brushing up on my skills but I was able to move on at the pace I had hoped for and learn new skills I previously wasn’t aware of.

Tracy was friendly and calm but was also thorough. She mad sure I focused on the right things and explained what I had to do to improve and structured lessons around my personal needs.

I will be 100% recommending the school to others because of the good value for money, excellent communication and a great structure to the business and combined with friendly experienced staff made for a smooth and easy learning experience. It was easy to understand what I had to do each step of the way and I was kept up to date, informed and contacted every step of the way.”

Timothy Cann, Taunton

Congratulations to Benji Coupe of Taunton who passed his practical driving test at the Taunton Test Centre on the 24th of October at his 1st attempt with ZERO driver faults!!!

This was a well deserved result and I was impressed by your determination and focus. The VW Fox is a lovely little car and I hope you’re able to enjoy many miles of trouble free motoring in it. I’m sure you’ll find the freedom and independence that comes with having your driving licence a huge benefit.

Take care and drive safely. Very well done Benji from your driving instructor Steve Hales and all the team here at Kelvin White Driving School.

Driving Lessons Taunton

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