The town of Taunton- Somerset lies towards the southern west corner of England and that is in the Taunton Valley and River Tone flows nearby.

The name Taunton actually comes from the original name which is Town on the Tone River and therefore it got its name. The city has a population of more than seventy thousand people and it is perhaps the major town in Somerset County.  It is this place only that King Ine erected a castle in 700 AD. King Ine was the descendant to King Caedwalla, who had total seizure much of southern England. King Ine was recognized for his stricter code of rules that he had executed. These policies were in fact the first rules created by the West Saxons. Included in Ines’ accomplishments were the minting of the first West Saxon coins; on the other hand not a hint of these coins have ever been found. Every city has got some or the other architectural designs and the marvels and Taunton also has got its own slice of luck as far as the architectural wonders are being concerned. The old castles were built all over the place. The Castle that Ine created was tore down after twenty years later in an effort to keep it from being discharged by savage. The next most vital construction to be erected in the city of Taunton was the monastery that was built for a while before Nine hundred AD. This monumental structure was later on converted in to the castle of Taunton and was pumped up hugely in size during the thirteenth century.

Past History of the place

The lovely structure was left in the shambles in the earlier seventeenth century and it was later on repaired by none other than Sir Benjamin Hammet who was known to be a Banker and also he was a famous Member of Parliament. After some years Hammet happened to become the legal keeper of the castle and customized the castle by reinstating the roof and setting up plentiful windows. Throughout the beginning of the Twentieth century the grand hall was made to order and became the national history society’s museum and the Adam Library. At present times The Taunton Castle consists of the Somerset County Museum and it also has got two hotels within it. The Castle Hotel also has got in one of the unique gate houses and was made up in the Seventeenth century.

Historical Landmarks

In any city the old castles, the historic structures and the hotels are just any kind of the examples of the great marvels which is mostly viewed things by the visitors and the tourists even today. The other historical landmarks are the Tudor Tavern Fore street and that was created in the year 1578 and the other one is the Grays almshouses in East Street which were done by Earl Robert Grey in 1615 in order to accommodate poor single women. All these historical places provide a brilliant opportunity of seeing West Saxon heritage and these things are all symbols of history of the great city.

The exuberant hotels in Taunton.

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