These days flying high up above the sky and wandering the city has become one of the greatest factor in visiting a city.

Somerset is as well-known for its Cheddar cheese and brawny ciders as it is for its coastal towns, extensive beaches and the regions of exceptional usual attractiveness. People have started loving this concept of the  hot air balloon ride over the area provides the ideal chance to sight many of the city’s famous landmarks from a completely different point of view – or more particularly from anything up to thousands of feet. The people who are different from the normal, conventional tourists love this concept and they love to explore the southern Somerset then the hiring of the hot air balloon ride from the county city of Taunton is a great idea to start with. In reality, anything else just would not be cricket: the town sits in the spectacular Vale of Taunton Deane between the Quantock and Blackdown Hills and its skyline is subjugated by a number of remarkable churches including that of St James, which towers over the grounds of Somerset County Cricket Club and many others.

Fantastic sightseeing places

While riding up above Taunton place it is very likely to witness lovely Vivary Park which is the home to the annual Taunton Flower Shower, and Taunton Castle, which is a quite old tradition and it dates back as far as the Anglo Saxon times of seven hundred AD. The Bridgewater and Taunton Canal is a fantastic sight to see too as colourful barges can be seen making their way along the waterway. The additional abnormally, the military pill-boxes can be seen on the banks of the canal as it was intended to be a Stop Line to stop the invading marching troops during the bloody Second World War.  A Bristol hot air balloon ride also provides the brilliant opportunity to see Isambard Kingdom Brunel’s masterpiece – the Clifton Suspension Bridge. The great Victorian engineer never lived to observe his creation finished but today it attracts an enormous number of sight-seers as it has become the sign of the town. People might also be capable to grasp a glimpse of the S.S. Great Britain – Brunel’s other huge role to the maritime world. Following a life as a luxury liner, troop ship, cargo vessel and floating warehouse, itwas towed back to Bristol from the Falkland Islands in 1937 and restored to her former glory.

Picturesque buildings and landscape

With its fresh-looking Roman ruins and well-known baths, solid centre, momentous buildings, attractive shops and set in impressive landscape; Bath really is a ballooning heaven. It is overflowing with tradition and loveliness and without a skyscraper in view. This is within some minutes people might find themselves looking down on the atmospheric village of Lacock, practically unscathed ever since the Eighteenth century. The striking architecture of the place and the beautiful buildings can easily be monitored from a very great height. Flying high in any direction from this huge city will lead the tourists over some lovable villages and countryside.

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