Welcome To The Most Happening Seaside Resort Of United Kingdom-Weston Super Mare Or Weston!

Weston Super Mare is a coastal town of England on Bristol Channel and lies within Somerset County in the Southwestern part of England. It lies at a distance of 35 miles from the western side of Bath and 20 miles from the northern side of Bridgewater.

The term Weston is an Anglo Saxon term for west settlement while the Super Mare is derived from the Latin term for the word ‘above the sea.’ Weston occupies a supreme seaside ambiance with tons of attractive locations for tourists and is equally convenient for experiencing the second loftiest tidal range in the world. It is equally remarkable for being the hometown of Jill Dando who was a famous English journalist, television presenter, and newsreader.

Population: – 76,143 approximately.

Prime attractions of Weston Super Mare
Weston Super mare offers endless sightseeing attractions for the visitors, but what makes the trip worthwhile is the mentioned prime locations and heritage points.

Weston Beachfront:-
IF you are planning to visit Weston Super Mare, the first thing that will seize your attention is its awe-inspiring beach promenade. Be it for a long romantic walk or simply spending some quality time by the beach, the long gravel beaches accompanied by colorful land trains, donkey rides, and an exotic Sea Aquarium containing is enough to represent a thrilling beginning of your holiday trip.

Grand Pier
This is a prime entertainment zone of Weston Super mare filled with bars, restaurants, game zones, Shooting galleries, amusement rides, funfair, and everything to require your trip entertaining with loads of fun. The most prominent attractions over here are the Crystal Maze having 148 mirror doors and the Lazer Maze with a complicated intersecting of several laser beams to unlock your way.

Another thrilling attraction is the split-level go-cart track stretching up to 1,000 feet covering eight adventurous turns. It is a must-visit attraction of Weston, without which the trip is almost incomplete.

Heritage and Culture
Weston apart from being a lovely beach destination is rich in arts and architecture. Some of the biggest architectural wonders here are the Town Hall, Weston Museum; the ancient Victorian style inspired Grand Atlantic Hotel Overlooking Bistrol Channel, The Tropicana dating back to 1937 and many more.

It also houses the best of classic theatres like Odeon Cinema hosting concerts and latest films; the Playhouse Theatre hosting various musical concerts, drama, dance shows, comedy shows, and orchestral shows; the Blakehay Theatre dating back to 1850, etc. There are also plenty of historical churches, museums here that are a must visit for the History buffs and art lovers.
How to reach Weston Super Mare

By Air
You need to reach Weston Super Mare Airport or International Airport from London. Then from, you can hire a bus, cab, or train to Weston.

By Road
You can get direct buses to Weston from, Bridgewater, Taunton, Bath, and Glastonbury as well as interconnected buses from all other areas in Britain.

By Train
Weston can be reached by direct train from London, Birmingham, Cardiff, Gloucester, Taunton and interconnected trains from almost all locations of Scotland, England and Wales.

Best time to visit
Weston has the most comfortable climate between the months of June to the first week of September. So it is advisable to visit during that time before the chilly winter sets in.

Attractive things to do in Weston.

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