Top Activities To Do In Winter In The Coastal Region Of Weston Super Mare!

If you are, a winter person and wishes to travel Weston Super Mare, the seaside resort of UK, you can definitely go ahead. Although it is a coastal area and is known for the lovely sea views, in winters too, it provides various entertaining opportunities to the visitors. In addition, this is one of the best places in the UK to escape the thick snow and indulge in some fun winter activities. So, let us have a look at the best activities to get engaged in Weston during winters.

1. Visit the Mendip Hills.

The series of limestone hills running from Weston Super Mare in the east to Frome in the west provides an amazing opportunity for the visitors to explore its wild rugged terrains in the crisp winter weather. You can go for a casual walk to the picturesque Cheddar Gorge, explore the adventurous Gough’s Cave, or trek to the upper areas of Ebbor Gorge for a panoramic view of Somerset from the hilltop. You can also enjoy the breathtaking views of snow here in the valleys, trees everywhere with a heavenly sunset view. The destination is a pure winter treat for visitors.

2. Ice-skating at Tropicana

Tropicana Icescape is the biggest Ice Rink of Britain that is transformed into a winter wonderland with loads of fun activities for all age groups. You can have the best of rapid skating experience on snow due to its advanced freezing techniques and engage in fun snow rides like Snow Slide, Fairground Rides, etc. There is a separate area in the icescape to celebrate Christmas with Santa. For relaxation, there is a luxurious lounge offering delicious food, wine and a long list of alcoholic beverages.

3. Santa’s Grotto at Grand Pier

The Grand Pier, which is the prime entertainment zone of Weston super mare, hosts Santa’s Grotto at its end during Christmas. The fun zone pretty much turns into a winter wonderland during this time having snow footsteps. You need following those footsteps all the way to meet Santa accompanied by penguins, cute polar bears on the way. As soon as you reach the grotto, the elves and reindeers greet you to the world of Santa to celebrate Christmas with him and receive tremendous gifts. It is an on-spot booked attraction. If you are a teenager or having kids with you, Santa’s grotto is going to be an immense fun experience.

4. Winter Carnival

This is the most famous winter event of Weston, which you can witness in the month of November every year. It is an annual event having colorful entries from numerous troops, parades, fancy dress events, marching bands, and other entertaining activities. The march starts from Locking Road car parking area all the way to the sea front. From the sea front, it goes towards Carlton Street and ends at Town Hall. It is the gravest event of Weston, and thousands of visitors flock in during winters just to witness it.

5. Explore Christmas Markets.

Weston has many Christmas markets with tons of attractive items starting from the traditional stuff to the decorative ones and attractive costumes. The markets during this time are brilliantly illuminated with lights and have a pure festive ambiance. Some of the popular areas are Big Christmas market, Wells Christmas market, Bath Christmas market, Cardiff Christmas market, etc.

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