Best Tourist Attractions to See and Do in Wellington UK

With wide open spaces, flooded with history and culture, you will definitely get spoilt for choice in Wellington, with so many things to see and do. Whether you are getting there for specific purpose, such as exploring history, shopping, entertainment, etc. or for sightseeing, Wellington is something to accommodate everyone.  It is probably best known for outdoor fun, sightseeing, events and carnivals, including the world-class illuminated carnival. It has a lot of smaller celebrations, from arty to agricultural.  If you are after peace and seclusion, there is Wellington Park with so much to see and discover. The Emporium Somerset The Emporium Somerset is truly a graceful and imposing Victorian building on Mantle Street which was a chapel in the past. It now features 40 independent shops under one roof, having thousands of fairly traded gift items and homeware, and most of them are made nearby. There was a passion for painting-led Dutch-based housewife Cato Cooper to open boutique retail store last spring in Somerset. Cato and her husband, Sean, are the owners of The Emporium Somerset. She explains, “I have my DIY home accessories and home furniture workshop and studio opposite the Emporium and I also run the entire store.” Cato further added, “People always feel delighted when they stop by and see a range of items featured here. I feel people see emporium as a place which is little bit musty and old, full of antiques, but it’s not the same at all time. It is vibrant, fresh, and very airy and light, with lots of contemporary, inspirational belongings. The Emporium is somewhere you could spend a few hours without even noticing it and finds virtually anything from DIY handcrafted furniture to art, fresh flowers, and kids’ apparel and locally made cloth.” Wellington Museum The prosperity and growth of Wellington has rich and prosperous history which dates back to 18th century when the integrated Woollen Mill is built by the Fox Family. Here, you can unveil the fascinating history of the town while wondering at artifacts, including The Wellesley (1930s cinema), in the Mantle Street with free entry and Armada chest. Wellington Park It is a well-landscaped, picturesque public space. In 1903, it was opened by the Fox family in Wellington and has been just revamped thanks to a grant of Heritage Lottery. The park is a vital epitome of precious Victorian design and designed by Veitch & Sons, F W Meyer of Exeter. It is such an amazing picnic spot. Wellington Monument Built after the Duke of Wellington, Wellington Monument is such a world-renowned landmark which can be visible from several parts of the town. In 1817, the foundation stone was laid and it was completed in 1892. It sits on the highest part of Blackdown Hills and is 175 ft. high. It is great to have a quick walk to the monument and you will be blessed with impressive views across the Exmoor, the Vale of Taunton and the Bristol Channel. Top 5 reasons Wellington is the place to visit and live Driving Schools in Wellington