Top 5 Reasons Why Wellington is the Best Place to Visit and Live in

If you love the best cosmetics and toiletries technology can offer, handmade suits made of world’s best wool, or having sweet sleep on the world’s best mattresses, you should definitely settle in Wellington or, at least, visit there. Trust us; this sleepy town silently manufactures all such things.

Wellington has great industrial past on making wool. It is truly a modest town which is proud of its ordinariness. Wellington is a friendly town which is highly valued for these attractions –

Wellington Monument

The town proudly stands on the highest peak of Blackdown Hills. It can easily be witnessed afar. It is truly a landmark which is loved by thousands of motorists. But its history is still not clear.

Stands proudly over 175 ft. high, Wellington Monument is the tallest obelisk triangle in the world and it was built to pay tribute to the triumph of the Duke of Wellingtons in 1815 at the Battle of Waterloo. The Duke had connections with Wellington and he is named after the town. A subscription fund was opened after his victory to build a memorial in low budget. Its triangular design is supposed to be the best and it can save around half of the materials. Due to its cheap construction, visitors are unable to climb the towers to enjoy the panoramic views of Somersets.

Independent Shops at South Street

Wellington has impressive range of independent shops and most of them are grouped together in South Street. You will get yourself spoilt for choices with few life’s luxuries and meet your daily needs. Sunseed, a world-class health food store, and Shooz, which is Wellington Bookshop, and The Cheese & Wine Shop are some of the hottest favorite stores in Wellington.

The owners Paul de Ruyter and Clare have spent 12 years of their life. So, they are introduced as traditional deli renowned for old-fashioned service. They source best services and products.


Carnivals at Somerset date back to over 400 years and they are still getting strong. The carnival has always being a spectacle, which draws the attention of crowds and covers many in the community all the year round who contribute their funds to build more amazing cart than last year. The carnival works hard to stage the extravaganza and they can climb up to 1000 ft. tall, and illuminated with thousands of light bulbs. Several prizes and street entertainment options are offered to the best and the carnival parade is flooded by clowns. Held on September 25, Wellington Carnival starts at Rockwell Green.

Wellington Park

Wellington is proud to have its own park when other towns have parks built in the Victorian era. It was gifted by the Quaker Fox family and opened in the year 1903 with huge celebration. It was designed by the most celebrated landscape artist of that time.

Wellington Museum

Though rather befittingly, Wellington has a small museum which is also a historic building named “The Squirrel”. Originally, it was a pub, but it is now a museum run by the volunteers who have put amazing displays to highlight the key moments of the town.

Wellingtons rich cultural heritage

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