When travelling it is important to experience the local culture of a place.

This also includes trying out the local food. Besides which, local food opted for contributes to the environment and is also considered more fresh and healthy. In case you have problems with certain types of food, it is better to look to travel to those places which offer the type of food you eat. Keeping all this aside, in short, it is advisable to have some information on the food available before you plan a visit to any place.

Food Available in Taunton:

*The Willow tree:

Located in 3 Tower Lane, The willow tree offers an ‘ultimate’ experience of dining out. Besides the staff being friendly the ambience is perfect for a ‘dressy’ evening out. You spend a relaxed evening when dining here. This place is termed as a ‘hidden gem’ of Taunton. Definitely a must try for all those visiting Taunton.

* The Bank:

The Bank works an ideal place for a great night out. You find staffs that are knowledgeable about the different food items served here. This place might work out a wee bit expensive for few but is totally worth the money spent due to the class, elegance and the type of food served here.

* Augustus:

For a choice in different food, this Augustus located in The Courtyard St. James Street is an ideal place. Reasonable prices besides the excellent service here makes this fully-booked most of the time. You can term this place as ‘the choice’ for that good food you are looking for.

*Skewer House Taunton:

Spend a relaxed ad fun filled evening here at the Skewer House Taunton. This works well for all those looking for an authentic and genuine cuisine from Madeira. This is one experience you would not like to miss out on. To add to the temptation, the food here is reasonably priced, making it an affordable option for meals.

*The Farmers Arms:

The Farmers Arms is one place which takes you back in time with the welcoming open fire and the old building. The food is considered excellent and so is the service. This is one place which offers you a true feeling of a pub.

* Bumbles Coffee Lounge:

Bumbles Coffee Lounge is apt for that quick cup of coffee and a meal. Enjoying your breakfast here gets easier as there are a de range f choices available. The cleanliness of this place only adds to the charm. To add to this, the staffs are efficient ad friendly.

* The Langford:

The Langford is an impressive building which dates back to the thirteenth century. A meal here can be impressive with the quality and choices of food offered. The food presentation adds to the taste of the food served here. Opting for some nibbles along with the drinks is recommended as these are freshly made and tasty. You can spend as much time as you wish here as there is no one hurrying you out. This is definitely a comfortable experience.

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