Taunton is a very big and charming town in the British County of Somerset and it is having round about sixty five thousand population according to the census done in 2009.

It notably hosts the Taunton Flower Show and is also on the route of the West Country Carnival. The attractive county has got its name from the Town on river named Tone. The Christian name Taunton became an altered form of the shortened name ‘Tone Town’. For the same reason this city is also called as the county town. The architecture of this ancient city is very old and it holds a very important place in the reign of the Saxons during the 700 AD. Since then the town has changed hands and the rulers changed pretty frequently in the coming few centuries. The incredible Taunton castle was constructed around 1107 AD in the conventional method of a Norman keep, though it gradually went into wreckage and eventually got some much desired repair throughout the civil war which took place in the 17th century. This peaceful county in the lap of nature has also been spectator to many bloodshed battle and skirmishes all through the 15th century though safety measures were taken when the world war II was going on as well when it hand out as a stop line in case of German hostility and more than a few pillboxes are still spread all over the place here and there.

Changing demography

Generally because of these disturbed times, Taunton went into poor shape and needed appropriate notice of the establishment. Consequently, it was announced as an intentionally significant City’ and gained plenty funds for a variety of revival projects with the plan of sustaining the town as one of the primary business and culture centers. All the efforts and the hard work done by the people have not gone in vain and as a result of all this Taunton has really become the hub of the international as well as the domestic tourist places in the southern west place of the country. The town was initially recognized around the castle which was constructed in the region in the year 700. The castle was just a simple earthen castle and it was shattered only after twenty two years it was constructed by an Anglo Saxon queen. A couple of centuries afterward, a monastery were constructed in the area and the town gradually grew to importance through the ages.

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Taunton was not always the county town of Somerset, and there are many other towns which had played their role during the past. After some time her, Taunton became county town in the year 1366. Taunton was a very noteworthy place in the wool industry of older times and then finally silk became essential during the end of the eighteenth century but this ultimately declined after that. On the other hand, today Taunton is unarguably one of the top places and regenerating with various plans to improve the town centre and encourage business in the area.

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