Driving Lessons and Client Centred Learning.

Kelvin White Driving School have now devised a unique student lesson sheet to ensure maximum learning takes place with every driving lesson.

The new lesson sheets (ALS) Accelerated Learning System are devised to ensure the maximum of engagement takes place between the driving instructor and student.

The DVSA who are the controlling body for the driving school industry implemented client centred learning a few years ago and also changed the driving instructor monitoring process with the introduction of the Standards Check.

The DVSA are determined to raise the standard of the tuition offered by Driving Instructors and they are keen to ensure that pupils are getting the maximum value for their money. Many instructors naturally focus on their Driving Test pass rates but the DVSA are quick to point out that it’s not all about how many of their students pass, its more about how they are prepared, and the efficiency of the tuition provided.

Recent statistics released in February 2019 show that pupil test pass rates have dropped to a ten year all time low and they are determined to address the situation.

A large proportion of the Driving School industries 40,000 qualified instructors have still not embraced the client centred learning approach and one of the reasons given by the DVSA is the lack of training available, either on a nation or local basis.

Another reason for ADI’s (approved driving instructors) not buying in to client centred learning is put down to the apathy that exists throughout the industry and the reluctance of driving instructors to change habits of a lifetime.

Kelvin White Driving School are the largest independent instructor training provider in Taunton and Bridgwater and put their trainee instructors through a rigorous 80-hour training program before they attempt qualification and then progress to join the Driving School as fully qualified ADI’s.

Training manager Lee White has devised a unique (ALS) lesson sheet that has been trialled and tested to ensure that his students have crystal clear guidance and preparation on client centred learning during their training program.

The benefit of the new ALS (accelerated Learning System) lesson records is that they contain skilfully crafted questions that prompt the instructor to ask the correct questions and ensure that students Driving Lessons are fully engaged with inter active dialogue that is at the heart of client centred learning.

Following the success of the ALS lesson records, Kelvin White Driving School have now conducted training for all its fully qualified driving instructors on the ALS system and the ALS system will be rolled out during February 2019.

Kelvin White Driving School have built their 20-year reputation on providing top quality tuition and rely almost entirely on customer recommendations, customer referrals and customer reviews to provide work for their driving instructors.

Quality assurance is at the heart of the company and customer score cards are also being rolled out during February to monitor driving instructor performance and to ensure that their learner customers are receiving maximum value for their money.

Letter to all learner students after 4 weeks to monitor quality assurance:

Our Company Core Focus and target is to achieve a Max of 10 on every lesson we provide.

Both myself as the Driving School owner and your instructor would be extremely grateful if could spare a few moments of your time to send your feedback by Email to info@kelvinwhite.email

Should you score your instructor less than 10, could I please ask for a brief explanation, so we are able to address any issues and strive to improve the service we offer?

Your replies will be in the strictest confidence and any feedback we pass to your instructor will NOT identify you personally as the source of that information.

Kelvin White Driving School has been providing local driving lessons in Somerset since 2001 and currently operate in the following towns:

Bridgwater, Taunton, Wellington, Ilminster, Tiverton, Dulverton, Minehead,  Exeter , Somerton. Weston Super Mare.

Burnham On Sea.