At the Ilminster Arts Centre, creativity flows through arts exhibition which has a group of West Country artists working in different media, such as woodworking, stone carving, water colors, textiles, oils and photography.

The styles and subject matter couldn’t be varied too much, making it a great exhibition for the visitors.

Famous artists who showcased their creativity

Robert Crisp – He is a Devon based artist who is well known for amazing oil paintings in artificial urban landscapes, including Venice and London and quaint harbors and villages.

Patrice Hamilton – He is a Somerset-based artist who works in pastels, which are unlikely any other medium and you can get more vibrant results.

Pat Board – Watercolor is his specialty. Watercolors are more than just ‘wishy washy’. Pat also enjoys wild landscapes and painting in the West Country.

David Crompton – He is an avid ornithologist who works in pencil and water color and seeks inspiration from ‘found objects’ and wildlife discovered in the countryside and on the beach.

Brian Hutchings – He is an award-winning photographer who has huge interest in grabbing the changing light of Somerset Levels.

Mike and Annie Lanigan – This couple of artists shows a huge range of arts. Annie has created enigmatic abstract watercolors as she dripped colors in layers and it’s the process she loves, though it is often frustrating and challenging.

Mike is specialized in sculpting. He is known to carve stones by hand. He adds details to every piece of stone he carves with its own features like prehistoric presence of fossils.

Don Storey – He is a leading furniture maker inspired by the Arts & Crafts along with Japanese and Scandinavian design. His work includes native hardwoods of Somerset and traditional techniques and ranges from the leading bespoke furniture to items for the home like chopping boards.

Val Webberley – She is a textile artist who works in virtually anything from sacking to skills, getting inspiration from imaginary or real gardens, buildings, fabric making, and landscapes.

The colorful and rich exhibition for arts starts on February end till the end of March.

Other Events to Explore

Midsummer Experience

The town gets back to life from June 5 to June 8 with a range of celebrations and colors during its annual festival that lasts four days. The Ilminster Midsummer Experience, in its seventh year, has become a leading event in Somerset and visitors enjoy a lot of activities, including craft, food, and antiques markets, dog shows, classic motors, and scarecrow event. The town will decorate vivid pennants and banners. It is set up well to celebrate the history and community life of Illminster.

Meeting House

If you don’t have experience with clay or have ever loved the art of creating your DIY rug or lino printing, you may explore just another workshop at the arts center in the Meeting House in Ilminster. It offers a range of courses from learning the drawing basics to’ stitching a rainbow’ with the help of different techniques of textile art.

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