Bridgwater, along with the rest of the South West of England, has a climate considered as temperate.

This is milder and wetter as compared to the climate of the rest of the country. The mean temperature on an annual basis is around 10 degrees. Variation in the seasonal temperature is not as extreme as the rest of the United Kingdom. This is due to the sea temperatures which are adjacent.

July and August which are considered as the ‘summer’ months here has a maximum of 21 degrees and the winter temperatures can drop down to 1 degree or probably 2 degree. Most of the rainfall experienced in Bridgwater is during the month of November. The warmest month here is July with the coldest being January. For those who love dry weather, April is the best time to visit Bridgwater.

Bridgwater is definitely an interesting place to visit as this offers you an opportunity to explore the heritage and the history of this place. This also has multiple events taking place throughout the year, all which are suitable to the different tastes. Besides this, Bridgwater offers enough and more for all those seeking to enjoy with the night life.

  1. Bar Brunel:

Located at 114, Friarn Street, This quirky bar is opened from 6 in the evening. With a friendly staff and a mix of all types of people, this is an apt place for enjoying your cocktails.

  1. The Cobblestones:

Cobblestones are one pub which you would not like to leave. You have many people returning back here after they have explored the different pubs around. Though busy, the staffs ensure each of their customers feels welcomed here. Besides loads of beer you find different drinks stocked to the maximum. For all the music for this perfect evening you have a juke box with a unique collection of almost any type of music. Those not interested in music can spend time playing pool or dabble with the dart board. You also have a choice of reading or playing around with the guitar lying here. Choices and choices make your evening perfect here at Cobblestone.

  1. The Cornhill:

A perfect combo of burger and beer can make your evening. To add to this, you can chat around with the friendly staffs that make the total atmosphere very inviting. Reasonable prices can add to the lure of this place.

  1. Admirals Landing:

Situated in the docks of Bridgwater, Admirals landing is the place for the food. As this offers view of the docks, you can consider a fulfilling view with the drink of your choice. The food is hot and is termed as the ‘pub grub’ style. This pub is apt even for children as there is a separate dining area where you can enjoy a ‘family’ meal.

Enjoy the night life in Bridgwater or simply laze around in your hotel; you need to visit this place to get all the feelings of history, architecture and modern life all at one time.

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