Weston Super Mare Welcomes You To The Top Shopping Paradise Locations In And Around The Town!

Be it any destination, a holiday trip without shopping is partly incomplete. The same goes for U.K.’s seaside resort Weston Super Mare also. If you are thinking the seaside resort is all about beaches and sightseeing attractions for the tourists, you are wrong. Weston just like its tourist attractions also aces in its quality shopping destinations which are a must visit in a Weston holiday trip. So let us have a glance at the 5 most happening shopping destinations in Weston those are a pure love for the shopaholics.

1. Sovereign Centre

It is the most glamorous high-end shopping mall of Weston Super Mare lying very close to the beach area. It encloses an aggregate area of 1, 26, 357 sqft. It is a hub of various international brands across the world like Wilko, Waterstones, Card factory, The Fragrance shop, Trespass Savers, Burger King, Deichmann Shoes, Marks & Spencer, Body Shop and many more. Not just the famous show rooms, it also houses a grand food court for craving your hunger. It is a great hangout joint in Weston Super mare and a remarkable site for various promotional events.

2. High Street

Weston Super Mare high street is a sophisticated hi-profile shopping destination containing rows of branded showrooms on streets lined with numerous cafes, restaurants, and various fast-food eateries. From family departmental stores to Marks & Spencer’s and other luxury brands, Weston High Street open market area occupies it all. To check out the best of its shopping areas and prevent the generous tourist’s crowds, it is advisable to explore the destination in Weekdays.

3. Grove Village

It is the most significant cultural hub of Weston Super Mare. It is primarily recognized for its range of luxurious boutiques and street cafes. Unlike the other shopping destination of Weston considering skyrocketing prices, at this place you can glance through the exclusive collection of gift items, buy souvenirs, present for your friends and dear ones at an affordable rate. The destination tops in terms of decorative and gift items. The two most famous attractions located near Grove Park are the Playhouse Theatre and Blakehay Theatre where you can relax watching a show after shopping and Jill’s garden to spend some quality time rejuvenating in the lap of nature. The market is a popular hangout area in Weston.

4. Bath

If you have time, explore the city of Bath at 1-hour duration from Weston Super Mare. The city has a stunning fusion of ancient and modern Georgian architecture and a paradise for the shopaholic people. Starting from Clothing to Antique Victorian costumes, artworks, crafts and paintings, vintage Victorian clothing, jewelry to modern fashionable items, you gather everything in Bath. It is home to the established international brands like Debenhams, Topshop, H&M, Outfitters, and is equally popular for its beautiful Christmas market.

5. Orchard Meadows

It is a shopping gem of Weston Super Mare. The shopping area is relatively small and having open street markets. Here you can grab the best of electronic items, craft items, jewelry, toys, gift items, clothing, gorgeous bridal and party wear, fancy gowns and lots of other attractive stuff. It solely requires 5 minutes to appear on this market from Weston Sea beach. The destination features independent traders housing grocery shops, pet shop, cafes, and bakeries providing a complete shopping experience.

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