There is no denying that there is no one who knows their town better than locals.

So this guide is about the best things about Ilminster according to those who live there. When there is so much to see and do over there, The Warehouse and The Arts Centre are something you shouldn’t miss.

What’s the best thing about the town?

Ilminster really has something for everyone. As discussed above, The Warehouse Theatre and The Arts Centre are some of the most amazing tourist attractions. The best thing is that you won’t need a car unless you leave town. There is no lack of opportunities to enjoy the social life here. From weight watching classes and Pilates to tennis and bowls, theatre activities to mosaic classes, there is so much to see and do.

What you can do when you visit Ilminster?

If you are getting there, it is recommended to walk around the town in the unique range of individual shops, which are major elements of appeal in Ilminster. For lunch, you must visit F.east vegetarian restaurant.

Do you love jazz? Don’t forget to book your seats for a concert at The Arts Centre on Fridays. It is now renowned as one of the leading jazz venues in the region or book seats for the Concerts in the West in season. You could also book a course at The Arts Centre and visit the café.

Check the official website of The Warehouse Theatre for next performance. Look for marvel at the Elizabeth house and have a quick walk at the Dillington Estate.

What else to explore?

St. Mary’s Church at The Minster one of the best points of interest even for those who don’t worship, constantly changing exhibitions at the Meeting House Arts Centre, its café and craft shop, and the huge range of locally owned, small shops. There is even more to explore like shows, plays, and pantomimes etc. to enjoy at The Warehouse Theatre. You can enjoy memorable walks through the countryside, especially in Herne Hill where you can enjoy the breathtaking view of the entire town.

An amazing community feeling

Ilminster is a small town where people are very friendly in neighborhoods like Summerlands Park Avenue and communities like South Somerset Choral Society hold the concerts over there.

The best thing about Ilminster is that most residents know one another and greet one another in the streets and even visitors despite the fact that they are strangers to them. The town is very friendly where you may feel amazing community spirit. If you get there during winters, don’t forget to explore The Christmas lights in the area. If you get there in the summers, “The Midsummer Experience” greets you. The unpaid volunteers over there run these events entirely.

For a great shopping experience…

Ilminster has very exciting range of independent stores, award-winning family-owned butchers, a lot of gift stores, and a lavish florist shop. Sweet Surprise welcomes guests with huge jars of their favorite desserts and sweets. Silver Street Dairy is known for delicious slice of pie. You can also visit Bonners butchers, the best joint for Sunday roast.

Most popular and exciting destinations to get the best from Ilminster.

Driving Schools in Ilminster.